Membership to the Jean Monnet Scholars’ Association

All Jean Monnet Scholars are natural members of Jean Monnet Scholars’ Association. To be a full member, the “membership application form” needs to be filled and submitted to the Association. In the first Executive Committee meeting following the application, membership will be decided upon.

Other than that, according to the statute of the JMSA:

“…real persons with capacity to act and who have receive education on EU in Turkey and/or outside Turkey, ones who have conducted research and also real persons who directly/indirectly work on Turkey’s coherence with the EU can become full members with the proposal of two full members and the decision of the Executive Committee.”

Thus, member candidates who are not Jean Monnet scholars and possessing the mentioned qualities can apply with the application form upon the consent of two full members and become full members after the decision is taken in the first Executive committee meeting.

Initial fee for the JMSA: 70 TL

Annual membership fee: 0 YTL