Jean Monnet Scholars’ Association The Manifesto

Turkey’s relations with the European Union that are being pursued with the objective of full membership is a paramount aspiration in honoring the historical, cultural and economic assets of the Turkish society, investing them in the future foreseen by Atatürk’s principals and reforms and thus making Turkey aligned with the developed world.

In the course of the EU-integration process, the organisational order in Turkey is to be reconfigured through national initiatives, human and capital resources and implementations enhanced by contemporary thinking and rational solutions, and the harmonisation with the EU acquis is to act as a catalyst for the overall evolution of Turkey.      

Jean Monnet Scholars’ Association continues its activities as a non-govermental organisation which gives primacy to the deepening of democracy - perceptions and -practices in the Turkish society, amelioration of the public order, respect to the rule of law and human rights; economic development underpinned by cultural and artistic development; transformation into a competitive knowledge society; reshaping the societal attitudes as required by the accession process and the contribution to the European integration.   

Jean Monnet Scholars are committed to incorporate their academic and professional knowledge and experiences into the process of Turkey’s integration with the European Union. They enact under these principals:

  • To remain sensitive to the values of Turkish society;
  • To contribute to the common policies and future reforms of the European Union;
  • To undertake tasks in question through contemporary scientific methods;
  • To work in cooperation and partnership with each other and their international peers as well as the Turkish and EU institutions.